Your Tribe’s Alpha

I am not here to talk about heartbreaks today. I am not here to talk about being lonely. No.

I am here to tell you that there is a sweet little girl still living inside of you. And when you are going through a hard time she gets really scared!

You hear me out when I say this loud : On the days when the going gets tough…pick that little girl up and let your heart break for the things she couldn’t fathom yet, but eventually went through one day.

And let your hands thump over your chest for the warrior that too lives inside of you.

You are a cluster of souls. Each one representing different you, in different phases of your life. You are a universe of your own.

So, hold the hand of the warrior that has fought for this little girl at every point, protecting her every time.

And then repeat after me :

“You precious little girl! I know you are afraid but you are also a fierce warrior on your own. You will get through this. You have to. Even when no one loves you, I will love you. I always will. Don’t be afraid sweet child of mine, you are never alone.

Hush! and let those tears shed. Because those tears are your battle paint. Let it stain your cheeks and break your heart. And when the morning arrives…that broken heart will be much stronger this time.”

Be kind to yourself and be proud. Let no one spoil you vibe.
You are the alpha in your own right. You are your own tribe. ♡


© Fiona Crystal April 13, 2018 | 6:58 AM
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