Invoke your inner Goddess

“Live by the sun, Love by the moon. Love • Pray • Love ∞ Repeat” [….click to read the full post]

‘Psychedelic Goddess’ Illustration : @t.radz + Photo : @fionadiaries
|| सत् चित् आनन्द || (Sat-chit-ānanda) 🧘🏻
“Existence, consciousness, & bliss”

Live by the sun. ☀
Soak every moment of bliss,
Learn from every fragment of pain.
Let those tears mix with your stardust.
Smack it on your skin and call it your strength.

Love, pray, then love again so deeply they call it a — sin.
Use that forbidden magic to invoke your inner Goddess.
Uplift yourself higher,
Into a consciousness beyond space and time.
You don’t need to explain yourself or operate on other’s energy.

My wild thing, don’t stop.
Don’t be ashamed.
You make the universe happy.
You make the holy mother proud.
Go celebrate your Goddess within.

Thump your chest.
Run in the wild.
Love by the Moon. ☽🌕☾

Love • Pray • Love Repeat

|| अहं ब्रह्म अस्मि || (Ahaṁ Brahmāsmi) 🕉
“I am Brahman, the supreme reality. I am the Goddess”

♡ XOXO ♡ 

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No negativity allowed

NEED NO NEGATIVITY. No pretending. No B.S. No sugar coating the truth. [….click to read the full post]

Next time you hear anyone tell you —
“You are so pretty! You will look even ‘better’ with a little bit of ‘extra weight/less weight’ on you…’in just the right places”
Or in other words, if a person is a low key telling you in the guise of a ‘compliment’, that you somehow aren’t good enough yet… — throw them into 2018.

• Don’t sugarcoat the truth.
• Don’t brush it off.
• Just dump them out of your life. Period.

No pretending. No B.S. No sugar coating the truth.

Because you, yes you need nobody shaming negativity in 2019, and any year after that.
We are building a new world.You know these are the kind of ‘casual’ body shaming remarks that make women feel that they need to ‘fix‘ themselves to achieve that level of perfection.
Fat-shaming or skinny shaming…both ain’t okay.
Don’t tolerate body-shamers of any kind, even when done in the guise of a ‘compliment’.

No one should make you feel you ain’t ‘good enough’.
No one should make you feel uncomfortable with your image.
No one should violate your personal space by planting seeds of self-doubt and confidence issues in your mind.
No one.

Cheers to you, if you like what you see in that mirror.
Because not every woman is so damn comfortable with the size of their curves that run through their body.
But you are.

My love, you are perfect in your own imperfect way. Cheers to that hotness! ❤💋
My flawed and fabulous darling, you are a Goddess, after all.

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Moh-Maya : All attachments are illusion

“All attachments are illusion” [….click to read the full post]

|| सब मोह – माया है || 🧘🏻
‘All attachments are illusion.’  🕉 

Everything in this world is temporary.
Even your body is not permanent.

One must not attach too much to the materialistic world.
Always remember the ultimate reality of the supreme power, that which is permanent.
The ultimate power that creates, sustains and destroys, is the only eternal truth.

You are not your body.
You are soul, an eternal consciousness.

Aim for mokṣa. (liberation)
Re-invent yourself.
Think over and beyond this life.
Break away from this saṃsāra. (world)
Allow your consciousness to rise above the weight of this world.

Recognize your soul’s journey.
Collect good Karma.
Learn from your experiences,
Soak every moment of it.
But don’t allow it to hold you back.

Worldly things are moh-maya.
They are simply woven around you, for the sole purpose of distraction.
Let your soul be free from the continuous cycle of death and rebirth.

Don’t worry and remember child,
Let go • Rise above • Ascend 

“Nothing is permanent, not even your pain; and not even this world. No. not even you. The only thing permanent is your soul. Let go of that weight around you, that is drowning you. Empower yourself with the experiences that have grown inside of you. Rise above your attachments and uplift your soul. Because all attachments are illusion.”

— Moh = Attachment ✿ Maya = Illusion
Moh-Maya (मोह – माया) is referred to as an extremely complex cycle that illudes the soul to not see the bigger picture of its existence.
Attachment to illusion = That all beings are attached to an illusion.
The illusion of attachment = That all beings are under the illusion that the attachment is real.

Saṃsāra (संसार)= “wandering through, flowing on aimlessly”
The soul is constantly circling through multiverses as there is no immediate heaven or hell because people do not live an equally moral or immoral life. Therefore, the soul continues to be born and reborn in various realms and forms until it finally accumulates all the experiences that make it ready to ascend and achieve the ultimate liberation.

Karma (कर्म) = Causality. The spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect). Karma further determines the next journey for the soul and weaves the world around it accordingly. For example in Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, one of the oldest upanishadic scriptures of Hinduism (700 BCE), at 4.4.5-6 it states:
“Now as a soul is like this or like that,
according as it acts and according as it behaves, so will it be;
a soul of good acts will become good, a soul of bad acts, bad;
it becomes pure by pure deeds, bad by bad deeds;
And here they say that a soul consists of desires,
and as is its desire, so is its will;
and as is its will, so is its deed;
and whatever deed it does, that it will reap.”

Mokṣa (मोक्ष) = The ultimate emancipation, enlightenment, liberation, and release from the Saṃsāra. And finally, become one again with the supreme consciousness of the one true power.
Unlike other religion, to question ones’ existence and that of the supreme power in the ancient Hindu Sanatan Dharam i.e. Hinduism is the first step that a soul takes to wake up and look beyond the illusions of ‘the perceived reality’. It is its initiation towards the final ascension from the world.


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Your Tribe’s Alpha

I am not here to talk about heartbreaks today. I am not here to talk about being lonely. No. I am here to tell you about a sweet little girl still living inside of you…

I am not here to talk about heartbreaks today. I am not here to talk about being lonely. No.

I am here to tell you that there is a sweet little girl still living inside of you. And when you are going through a hard time she gets really scared!

You hear me out when I say this loud : On the days when the going gets tough…pick that little girl up and let your heart break for the things she couldn’t fathom yet, but eventually went through one day.

And let your hands thump over your chest for the warrior that too lives inside of you.

You are a cluster of souls. Each one representing different you, in different phases of your life. You are a universe of your own.

So, hold the hand of the warrior that has fought for this little girl at every point, protecting her every time.

And then repeat after me :

“You precious little girl! I know you are afraid but you are also a fierce warrior on your own. You will get through this. You have to. Even when no one loves you, I will love you. I always will. Don’t be afraid sweet child of mine, you are never alone.

Hush! and let those tears shed. Because those tears are your battle paint. Let it stain your cheeks and break your heart. And when the morning arrives…that broken heart will be much stronger this time.”

Be kind to yourself and be proud. Let no one spoil you vibe.
You are the alpha in your own right. You are your own tribe. ♡


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