No negativity allowed

Next time you hear anyone tell you —
“You are so pretty! You will look even ‘better’ with a little bit of ‘extra weight/less weight’ on you…’in just the right places”
Or in other words, if a person is a low key telling you in the guise of a ‘compliment’, that you somehow aren’t good enough yet… — throw them into 2018.

• Don’t sugarcoat the truth.
• Don’t brush it off.
• Just dump them out of your life. Period.

No pretending. No B.S. No sugar coating the truth.

Because you, yes you need nobody shaming negativity in 2019, and any year after that.
We are building a new world.You know these are the kind of ‘casual’ body shaming remarks that make women feel that they need to ‘fix‘ themselves to achieve that level of perfection.
Fat-shaming or skinny shaming…both ain’t okay.
Don’t tolerate body-shamers of any kind, even when done in the guise of a ‘compliment’.

No one should make you feel you ain’t ‘good enough’.
No one should make you feel uncomfortable with your image.
No one should violate your personal space by planting seeds of self-doubt and confidence issues in your mind.
No one.

Cheers to you, if you like what you see in that mirror.
Because not every woman is so damn comfortable with the size of their curves that run through their body.
But you are.

My love, you are perfect in your own imperfect way. Cheers to that hotness! ❤💋
My flawed and fabulous darling, you are a Goddess, after all.

© Fiona Crystal Jan 7, 2019 | 12:16 PM
Fiona Diaries — ‘Heartbeats and Wild Things’ • All rights reserved