Your Tribe’s Alpha

I am not here to talk about heartbreaks today. I am not here to talk about being lonely. No. I am here to tell you about a sweet little girl still living inside of you...


Love Ruins Me

Love ruins me. It kills me inside. It eats me up from within. Love burns me. It turns my soul to ashes. It makes me naked to the bones. Love cuts me. It hurts the veins inside my heart. It stabs me, inch by every inch. Love manipulates me. It brings down the walls around [...]

Fix me

I worship the ground beneath his feet and the sky above his head. I get high on the air he breaths out and those lipsย on me. ย  My heart is broken and my soulย ruined. Only his love can glue it all together, He is the only drug that can fix me. ย  He is my [...]

Bleeding Whiskey

"Water filling her lungs. Dying is no fun!"

Dead Inside?

  For the most of us a part of us inside is Dead. No happiness. No Color. Just want this pain to be over. Tired of people. Tired of Life. Tired of fake smiles. Tired of everything. Everything looks dull. Everything looks lifeless, just like how we are feeling inside. Dead. But what we do [...]

Do you mean ‘Love’ ?

"I Love You" A lot of us say this to people but do we always truly mean it? Its so easy to say I love you to someone...but only how you treat them does it really prove if you truly love them or not. When you stand by them when they need someone and wipe [...]