That Man


Love, for me, was once a pious romantic emotion. Soft and serene. Poised and placid. Platonic. It was like a fragrance of a fresh garden flower. Soothing and sweet. Ever so innocent.

Then I met that man.

Everything changed the moment I fell in love with him. The serenity and poise long gone. Replaced with waves of wild emotions and mindless turbulence. It was like a wild flower. Sinful, yet beautiful. He became the center of my gravity and the pull oh! so strong. He was the devil and yet I would send away angels to be with him. He took me to such amorous heights and yet worshiped me with absolute reverence.He made me feel such unrestrained emotions, gripping my heart with such force yet I never felt so alive.

And that is when I realized, that is how I want love to be…challenging, tempestuous and sinfully amazing.


The man makes me feel such intensified emotions. Emotions that I didn’t even knew existed in me.
With just those eyes, he stops the world around me. With just a touch, he sets me on fire.
He make my heart stop and flutter, all at the same time. My personal heaven and hell.


Some people come in your life, take a space in your heart, leave some memories in your mind and then one day go away. Making you miss them.

But not that man.
The man walked right into my heart, imprinted all over my mind. And when he left, he locked my heart and threw away the keys. Destroying me for everyone else. Forever.


“The damn man clutters my mind, overwhelms my senses and puts my self control to shame.
Sensibility slips through my fingers like sand when I am near him.

He takes me to the highest high and then clouds my heart in one sudden swoop.

That no matter how intelligent I am or rational I try to be, his pull on me is just too strong.
And like a moth to the flame, I know I will end up burned.”- K. Bromberg (The Driven Triology)


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