My Wings

"They took my wings away. They took it off my spine and sent me here." [โ€ฆ.click to read the full post]



"I have just got broken pieces."

Her lips tremble

"Afraid to look into his eyes, Her eyesย hold a tempestuous storm of feelings and emotions brewing like high tides."

I am Everything

I am sweet and sour, I am wild and serene. I am the wings of the birds, I am the roots of the trees. I am the carnations and the petunias adorning your garden, I am the wild flowers in the forest growing near a hot spring. I am the thorns of the roses, I [...]

That Man

Love, for me, was once a pious romantic emotion. Soft and serene. Poised and placid. Platonic. It was like a fragrance of a fresh garden flower. Soothing and sweet. Ever so innocent. Then I met that man. Everything changed the moment I fell in love withย him. The serenity and poise long gone. Replaced with waves [...]