“Take Me” – Lovers Embrace #2

"Nothing but sheets and us." ♡ XOXO ♡

Since Eternity

I was afraid to look into your eyes. I was afraid to care for you. I was afraid to love you. And now I am afraid to lose you. Yes I was afraid, and still I am. And when you held my hand and kissed my nose, you whispered that it will be alright; my [...]

Stay with me

Loving me will not be an easy job, You will have to find the broken in me.

Fix me

I worship the ground beneath his feet and the sky above his head. I get high on the air he breaths out and those lips on me.   My heart is broken and my soul ruined. Only his love can glue it all together, He is the only drug that can fix me.   He is my [...]


"He touched my body. He touched my soul and I knew....I knew that he was all I have been looking for."

Never Stop!

I have always wanted to hold him. Hold him and to feel his warmth, to smell him. To run my fingers down his back when he would kiss me   And when he finally did, his lips felt so familiar like I have been kissing those lips since forever. A shiver of anticipation ran down [...]