“Take Me” – Lovers Embrace #2

"Nothing but sheets and us." ♡ XOXO ♡


Since Eternity

I was afraid to look into your eyes. I was afraid to care for you. I was afraid to love you. And now I am afraid to lose you. Yes I was afraid, and still I am. And when you held my hand and kissed my nose, you whispered that it will be alright; my [...]

You, my Love

You, my love   You are not alone.. I am not alone.. You are with me. You are inside my head, in my memories. You are in my heart, it calls your name with every beat. You are on my skin, your touch all over me. You are on my lips, the dew of your [...]

The Perfect Trance

It is like the most natural thing in the world for me.. To look into each other's mind with just our eyes...our souls mating. To feel your skin rubbing against mine...our bodies touching. Your lips on me...our mouths kissing. And your length inside of me...completing me You kiss me and i turn into a lava [...]