“Take Me” – Lovers Embrace #2


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I look in his deep dark eyes and it is filled with so many raw emotions. His soul laid vulnerably bare for me to see.

His love for me!

And then he kissed me…

He is kissing me with so much reverence and passion that it opened my heart and is flooding it with pure emotions and leaving every inch of my soul drenched. His soul is coming home to mine.

With tears running down my cheeks, I put my hands in his hair and I kiss him back. I am kissing him to show him what he means to me. To make him feel how much I feel for him.

With that kiss, I strip my soul bare for him to see those emotions filling every inch of my heart and soul.

So much love. For him.

His arms are around me, our breaths are short and heavy and our foreheads touching. He kisses my nose and he holds me tight as if to never let me go.

And then he ‘showed me’.

He is taking me and showing me all the things he had whispered to me. His fingers are touching every inch of me and God! those lips!! He is worshiping every inch of my body and soul with those sinful lips.
He loves me like I am his once upon a time and ever after. Like I am his sun and the moon. Like I am his air, his life. That without our connection he shall die.

And those emotions finally escapes my eyes. He holds my face, his fingers tracing my cheeks and wiping my tears. He pulls me on top of him, my hands on his chest, my legs wrapped around him like a coiled snake embracing her mate.

He looks in my eyes, a soft peck of his lips on my forehead, and then he whispers softly

“Take Me”

And then everything else ceased to exist.

Nothing but sheets and us.


© Fiona Crystal • March 31, 2015 | 09:00 AM  
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