Renegade Desires


Our desires are like Pandora’s box
Its forbidden to touch, to open, to explore
But the hunger and curiosity of the clandestine cravings swells
And with it the thoughts of passion.

We get so obssessed with the idea of the forbidden feelings
That we forget the rational, the right and the wrong.
Once we tease ourselves with the thoughts of the exploits
The desire to flung it open increases inevitably.

We touch it and let it take control
And we tell ourselves..’just once’.
We taste and experience the t‌iny part of it
And the libido and the fire of amorous yearning rises

We close our eyes, open our heart and devour it.
The lust takes over us and we become its slave
It starts to rule our heart, our mind, our body
It corrupts us completley

And we become enslaved to the illicit desires
Well aware that its not right
And yet we crave for more

fiona_3.png ©Princess Fiona Crystal *All rights reserved. The Material not to be copied or distributed without permission