Never Stop!


I have always wanted to hold him. Hold him and to feel his warmth, to smell him, to run my fingers down his back when he would kiss me.
And when he finally did, his lips felt so familiar like i have been kissing those lips since forever.
A shiver of anticipation ran down my spine when he held me tight…to never let me go.
He felt so warm and tasted so sweet! I could have kissed him like this forever!! I love him!!

And then he ran his hand over me and showered me with soft kisses on my neck…I shivered!
I stopped a moan from escaping my throat because oh! it felt so good!!!
And right there at the moment all i wanted was to tear that damn shirt off him and devour him!!!

And when we finally managed to move apart all I could think of was locking that damn door and to throw away the keys.
All i could think about was pinning him to the wall and make love.
Make. Love. And. Never. Stop.

fiona_3.png ©Princess Fiona Crystal *All rights reserved. The Material not to be copied or distributed without permission


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