Tear stains


She walks in the midnight under the shadows of her past.
It was good, the memories, till they last
Bathed in the moonlight…everything looks cold
Just like her soul…just like her soul

Memories floods her head ..and she drowns
She soothes her sobs and looks if someone is around
She walks and walks but don’t know where this road ends
She wonders if she is completly broken or just bent

No emotions on her face…she is staring in the empty space
She hides her shame, she hides her pain
The tempest in her mind, the brewing emotional hurricane.
And yet there is a calm inside of her that is driving her insane.

The lightning shines bright in the sky, the clouds around her scream
The wind blowing around her, in such a mournful voice it sings
The memories that it brings…the memories that it brings

She is at war and her mind is the battle ground
And yet she has not given up and that makes her proud

Sorrow in her heart and cheeks with tear stains
And yet she smiles wide and starts dancing in the rain
No one can see her pain…no one can see her pain.


fiona_3.png ©Princess Fiona Crystal *All rights reserved. The Material not to be copied or distributed without permission