Shackled feathers

"She was made of glitters. But glitters that no more shine. She has been trapped in so much darkness that there is no light." [….click to read the full post]


My Screams

"I will keep knocking till your ears bleed and you tear me apart." [….click to read the full post]


"Right now I am just empty." [ to read the full post]


"New year. Same me. Same dreams. Same demons continue to haunt me." [….click to read the full post]

My Hauntings

"I have the power to turn scars into poetries. To turn tears into ink stains."


Time : 06:09 a.m. I haven't slept. Yet again. It has been months. And for months I have kept it to myself. Myself all along. I have night terrors since more than a year now, If I ever fall asleep i wake up frequently screaming, shaking, gasping for air, shocked, paralyzed or simply  praying. And quietly go back [...]