A Soldier With No Gun

Like a soldier with no gun,
Thrown into a sudden fight
You run
You hide
Keep running away,
trying to escape the fight
Too scared to face your loss, your grief
Yet too stubborn to stop and pause
Too stubborn to admit you are tired
You miss the love, the songs, the fun
Your lover screams your name
Waiting for you by the river

Yet you run
You hide
Too scared to fight
Too scared to come back home

And so you stand here all by yourself
Feeling so powerless
Like a soldier with no gun
Waiting for the sun
Too tired to run
Too stubborn to call out to your love
But all you truly want is to stop
To crumble back into her arms
But you keep fearing the life after war
Because all you have known is this endless fight
The fight to own your freedom
Yet never a taste of Victory at sight
My! Oh My!

Your lover screams your name
Yet like a soldier with no gun
Thrown into a sudden fight
All hopeless
You run
You hide
Too scared to admit
Too stubborn to cry

In this darkness
In the middle of these ruins of war
Even your lover battles cold long night
Screaming your name
Praying for you to come home
Wishing for you
Waiting in the moon
Gather your breath
Adjust your eyes to the dark
There is still some hope left that shines
Even in this hopeless war

If only you stop and embrace
Embrace the truth of this life
The light and the dark
The love and the war
Are the two sides of the same coin
Tossing and turning,
Flip it
And live it

My dear,
No guns left to fight
No tears left to cry
Just chaos,
Just destruction
And you with your lover
With no place left to hide.
My! Oh My!

Atleast you would be together
You will carry the roses
She will carry the gun
Oh soldier!
Come let’s make this misery more fun!
Stop fearing the moon
Stop waiting for the sun
Stop running
With the chaos, and the love
Build your new home
Color it with the darkness
Make it warm with hope
By the river where your lover waits

My! Oh My!
Find how love like this tastes
Even in the middle of the war
You carry the roses
For your lover carries the gun
Together you can win this war
But never alone!


© Fiona Crystal| IG: @fionadiaries
Dec 16, 2020 12:02 AM | All rights reserved
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