Love Ruins Me

Love ruins me it kills me inside it eats me up from within Love burns me it turnes my soul to ashes it makes me naked to the bones Love cuts me it hurts the veins inside my heart It stabs me, inch by every inch Love manipulates me it brings down the walls around [...]

Bleeding Whiskey

Wrists cut, Red blood Heart thumping, Soul hurt Shower running, Tears flowing Her naked body is twisting and turning Why? why is she still breathing Whisky on her tongue, Body is so numb Hopes shattering, Dreams fading Eyelids heavy, Lips trembling Water filling her lungs, Dying is no fun Floating over the ceiling, She is [...]

An adventurous ride

You can't always get what u want but you can work hard to perfect what you get. Live your life with no regrets. You are lucky to get what you have right now. Most people can't even get that close. You deserve to be happy and content. Whats gone is now a past. Remember we [...]

Dead Inside?

  For the most of us a part of us inside is Dead. No happiness. No Color. Just want this pain to be over. Tired of people. Tired of Life. Tired of fake smiles. Tired of everything. Everything looks dull. Everything looks lifeless, just like how we are feeling inside. Dead. But what we do [...]