Let go


“When you are important to another person, that person will always find a way to make time for you, no excuses, no lies, no broken promises”
It is a very pleasing thought to know that the one who will love you truly and the one who thinks you are important, will never lie to you, will never break your heart, and will always have time for you.
It is a strong contradiction that occurs when you actually get into a relationship, specially relationships that eventually end.
All throughout you feel as if there would be no one more important or more loving than the one you are with only to realize that it was not.
It pains to know that a person who thinks you are important might let you fade out of their life.

There doesn’t need to be a “bad guy/girl” for a relationship to not function. Values and communication actually play a big part, problem is we expect the other to be perfect but we are not.
The question is, which “defects” are you willing to put up with? Which flaws are acceptable to you? You have to change too, relationships are not to be perfect, they are to be filled with enough love that makes you wanna get over yourself to be with the one you love.
Often people claim love till they find someone that they really really love and only then they look back and realize that everything else was not the love as the present one is.
Know yourself, know what you really want, what you really feel is important, become better, what is that most people complain about you?
Try to be a better version of yourself and that will “attract” the right people for you, not the perfect, but the right one.

And if there is someone whom you value more than your heart, care more than your wounds and cherish more than your soul.
And if that someone does not care to give you even a tiny piece of their time and emotion. Don’t bother.
Yes! of course it will hurt but then you my dear…can do so much better ❤
Because remember one thing…if they really loved you at all they would never let you fade out of their life.

Let go. Don’t look back

P.S Why do only good things fade out from our lives?

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