An adventurous ride


You can’t always get what u want but you can work hard to perfect what you get.
Live your life with no regrets. You are lucky to get what you have right now. Most people can’t even get that close. You deserve to be happy and content.
Whats gone is now a past. Remember we are all walking on a tight rope with just our hands to balance and our concentration towards our goal that lies ahead.
If you look back u will lose your balance..and you will fall down, and trust me there is no time for anyone to realize that you have fallen down…..and people are just going to ignore your cries.
So don’t be stupid. Smile and look ahead n find whats in store for you…and don’t worry…its all going to be alright.

Remember…a roller coaster will not be memorable if the track is smooth. The twists, turns and free fall makes the ride adventurous and amazing.

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