Dead Inside?



For the most of us a part of us inside is Dead.

No happiness. No Color. Just want this pain to be over. Tired of people. Tired of Life. Tired of fake smiles. Tired of everything. Everything looks dull. Everything looks lifeless, just like how we are feeling inside. Dead.

But what we do not know is that…this is the cycle of life.
We all have to die from inside then take birth as a new person from the ashes..just like a Phoenix.
It is an important part of life for you to grow into a new and improved person. Stronger and wiser.

And for that the old person inside you has to die and then transition into a better you.
Always remember you are not alone.
There are people like you filled with wounds in heart and soul

But one day no matter how deep the wound is..time will heal it. All the pain will fade except the scars. And you know what…the deeper the scar is the stronger you are.

It is all going to be alright. Have some faith in yourself.
One day you will look back to all this and smile. You will be so proud of yourself! Trust me on this.

You are not inconsequential. You matter.
You will get through this.  Just hold on tight.


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