Do you mean ‘Love’ ?


“I Love You”
A lot of us say this to people but do we always truly mean it?

Its so easy to say I love you to someone…but only how you treat them does it really prove if you truly love them or not.
When you stand by them when they need someone and wipe their tears even when they hide it, only then those words of yours make sense.
Otherwise they are just empty & meaningless.

When you say ‘I Love You’ you give them hope that you are with them, Always.
That you will care for them, No matter what.
That you will share with them your very precious Time.
If you don’t mean those words and yet you say are only putting off the lights from their eyes and stealing the warmth from their smile.

‘I Love You’ is a very powerful sentence.
It has the power to mend someone or break them completely. Mean it before you say it.


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