I know you will not read this, nor will you know. But I have to share this with you after all.

“I am just kinda feeling lost.
Lonely, Depressed, Tired & absolutely Lost.

No hope. No happiness. No love.
Too much hate & poison in this devastatingly beautiful world.

I feel lonely, every single day of my life but I am ashamed to admit that to people who love me. Like there is no wind in my sail. No happiness in my eyes. No honesty in my smiles.
Like my heart is sinking & my soul is sinking with it.
Like there is too much to do and too little time.
After all life is so uncertain.
All my life I am waiting for something , what, I do not know. But I am waiting.
It is like there is a piece of puzzle that is missing from my life. I feel incomplete.
I feel lost.

So I sulk and cry on my pillow that muffles my shaking breath while I weep for the longing on my soul to fill. I long to feel complete. 

But I will find my way soon.
I have faith in myself.
No matter how much tired I feel. No matter how much I want to stop.
I will NEVER give up.
I will fight. I will smile.
I will feel better again.

I will find my missing piece. And before I find you, let me tell you that I am not that perfect girl of your dreams. I am damaged yet still fighting for that missing piece of happiness and peace. For you…whoever you are. Or simply what ever this is.

Just hold my hand and be by my side my friend.
You will need to be Calm.
You will need a lot of Patience.
But trust me when I say this.
Trust me, I am worth it. ”