You, my Love

"Our meeting was not just a fluke. We are destined to love each other in every life with absolute cataclysmic totality." [โ€ฆ.click to read the full post]


Since Eternity

I was afraid to look into your eyes. I was afraid to care for you. I was afraid to love you. And now I am afraid to lose you. Yes I was afraid, and still I am. And when you held my hand and kissed my nose, you whispered that it will be alright; my [...]

Such intensity!

"How is it possible to love someone so much with such intensity! "โ€” I think everyday, puzzled.

Beautiful Chaos

"His kiss leaves me dizzy and drunk.
Not like a fine wine because a wine will only warm you up slowly."


"He touched my body.
He touched my soul and I knew....I knew that he was all I have been looking for."