Beautiful Chaos

He kissed me!
He kissed me and that kiss was not I-love-you-and-can’t-live-without-you kind of kiss.
His kiss is more like a you-and-me-we-are-one-we-share-the-same-soul kind of kiss.
His kiss leaves me dizzy and drunk.
Not like a fine wine because a wine will only warm you up slowly.
His kiss is more like a shot of vodka that burns the throat, and clouds your mind instantly and the world around you turns more colorful and chaotic at the same time.
But how is that, within that cloud in my mind I can see my future clearly— our future!

His kiss leaves me breathless and with too much of oxygen at the same time.
His kiss leaves me craving for more.
His eyes makes me feel naked and comfortable at the same time.
The world around us becomes a blur, and the earth stops spinning around; time stops flying and my heart stops and flutters all at the same time!

And I am so damn addicted to the beautiful chaos happening between us.


© Fiona Crystal Sept 15, 2015 | 12:54 AM  
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