Such intensity!

When I think of the intensity of love and emotion that I feel for you…
My heart swells and almost bursts.
It stops and flutters.
It gushes with passion.
It does strange, strange things.
And it is still just not enough.
It is just not enough.
Because every new day a yet another bit of my soul goes to be with you.
And my heart grows a bit more bigger to take in more love for you.
My brain gets more excited to make more memories of us!
And oh my mind! my mind sweetly tortures me by showing me our flashbacks on loop, on repeat.
“How is it possible to love someone so much with such intensity! “— I think everyday, puzzled.

And yet as the new day begins I fall for you even more.


© Fiona Crystal Dec 31, 2015 | 4:26 PM
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