Catch Me

Do you know what is crazy?
There is this man far away. 
And I am crazy for him.

Absolutely crazy!

He makes me question my life. 
Makes me question my choices. 
He makes me want to walk out of my comfort zone,
and embrace challenges. 
He makes me want to open my wings and fly.

He makes me forget about the iron chains of society
that are holding me down.
For him, I follow my heart.
I throw my rationality out of the window.

Like a moth to the flame…
I know I will end up burned,
And yet…and yet he makes me fly towards him.

And makes my day with morning messages.
He makes me want to write him  — “Good Night”
Every. Single. Night. 

He is my last thought before sleep pulls me under. 
And he makes me want to see him in Dreams.

He makes me feel a pang of loneliness,
Because without him the world looks less colorful. 
He makes me feel such wild emotions
that there is always a tempest brewing inside my heart.

I love him so much and yet
every time he says  — “I love you”
he makes my heart swell.
He makes me love him even more
He pulled down the walls surrounding my heart
and imprinted it.

I thought I had everything in life
and he proved me so wrong
because all I want is him.

I am someone who lost faith in fairy tales a long time ago. 
And He makes me want to believe in fairy tales again. 
He makes me want to spend my life with him. 
And I love that man.

Damn! I am crazy in love with him.
I am happily walking toward a cliff,
And I trust him that when I fall he will catch me.

I believe in his words, I believe in his dreams. 
I believe in that man. 

And that man is you.

“Darling, I Love you…every day a little more. 
From the moon and back — ain’t far enough!”

 X O X O 
© 𝐅𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐚 𝐂𝐫𝐲𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐥 | All rights reserved
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