My ellipsis

It’s been a while I have felt the rain on my skin and tasted the droplets in my mouth and the absolute chaotic beauty of the trees shaken by the storm and their leaves dancing on the beats of the wind. Yet here I am in this rain.

I have never thought something would be so beautiful than a rain like this; until I saw her.

There she is standing right in the middle of it. Looking at the sky, feeling the droplets running all over her and smiling. Oh! My heart skips a beat. And then she turns her face towards me, looking straight at me with those innocent doll like eyes and a sinful smile.

I wonder how can one look so sinful and yet so innocent at the same time!

I walk up to her, my heart beating some more with each step closing the distance between us. I hold her hand and she very softly speaks with a sense of joy and amazement –

“Truth is, you took my breath away…and replaced it with yours. And for the first time since a long time I could finally breathe without gasping for air. You fill my void, I fill yours and we finally feel alive.

And there I was feeling this peace and euphoria, standing next to the person who made me complete. I had so many things to tell her and yet so less words existed to express that love. Fighting through my tears I whispered back –

“You are my ellipsis.”

“Ellipsis?” – She ever so softly questions with a child like voice filled with confusion.

And with every inch of me filled with emotions I look in her eyes and answer –

“Because when the words become superfluous, and feelings become too hard to explain and understand, ellipsis comes to the rescue. And you are the ellipsis that completes everything that was left unexpressed and unsaid and incomplete. You are the beginning, the middle, and the end of me. And instead of that space or the void that my life used to be, you are everything that fills me.”

I pause. I am choking with this gush of emotions. I close my eyes while my tears and the rain become one while a sense of peace spreads through me. I open my eyes and this beautiful miracle is looking at me and crying too!

I quietly smile and whisper – “In the world of spaces…you are my ellipsis.”

I am laughing and crying, and you know why? Because I have missed all this time of my life without her, looking for her. I never knew if she even existed, and now there she is, finally. And that is the saddest and the happiest thing at the same time.

In the middle of this rain, I am home. And she is kissing me… 


© Fiona Crystal Jan 8, 2018 | 7:04 PM
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