'My love for you shall continue...' [โ€ฆ.click to read the full post]


My love

"The moon in me longs for the sun in you." [โ€ฆ.click to read the full post]

The Boy In White T-shirt

"Suddenly everything was about you. And all the poems too." [โ€ฆ.click to read the full post]

My ellipsis

"In the world of spaces, you are my ellipsis."

With You

With you everything makes sense. And even without words, I understand. The darkness isn't scary because you hold me, and together we look at the stars. And the silence doesn't hurt anymore, for I hear the beating of your heart. There is nowhere else I rather be. And there is nowhere else I was meant [...]

Dear Soul Mate

"We are two pieces of a single soul broken even and set apart and thrown back in opposite directions."