The Butterfly

All her life she dreamed of a knight with the shining armor.
Riding through her darkness, on a white horse.
Sweeping her off her feet.

She didn’t need saving.
All she wanted was love.
Just love.

All her life she dreamed of him.
And then those dreams turned into nightmares!

Her knight became her imprisoner.

He feared heights so she plucked the feathers off her wings.
She rubbed the velvets of her wings across his bare skin.

But he wanted more.
Always more.

And it never stopped.
Until one day her heart stopped fluttering, just like her wings.

In death the butterfly was finally free.


© Fiona Crystal May 11, 2016 | 12:17 PM
Fiona Diaries — ‘Heartbeats and Wild Things’ • All rights reserved