Shackled feathers

"She was made of glitters. But glitters that no more shine. She has been trapped in so much darkness that there is no light." [โ€ฆ.click to read the full post]


Need you now

...because I need you now. And this distance is killing me.

The Butterfly

Her knight became her imprisoner...

You. Just You

You are not my addiction. No. You are my oxygen. And without you I have no life. I am dead.

Finally found you

Who said love requires a translation?
It does not.
You just need to look in each others eyes and the world around you will turn into a hazy inconsiquential blur.

Breathless – Letters from Him

There were times when I was crying, I was helpless, when I was down, I tried to find you in my dreams, and you were always there...