When someone is suicidal, why do people say things like
“think about the people who love you”; “think about your parents” ;”think about your siblings”, “you are selfish to only think of yourself”, “you are coward, you don’t care about your family” and so on!

Why not tell them  to think  about themselves instead?

Look at all the adventures that you have to experience, all the places that you have to explore. Look at the possibilities of meeting people and soulmates whom you have been destined to meet from all other past lives. If there are bad people and bad times there will be good people and good times.

You are not crazy and it is okay to feel defeated. It is okay to want to give up and end your life. It is okay to feel trapped and suffocated. But it is not okay to feel worthless. You matter.

No person is worth more than your life. No. Single. Person.

Look at the possibilities of meeting someone who has been eagerly waiting to meet you! Who has been dreaming of you!

One day you will achieve all that you are dreaming and aspiring for.
This too shall pass. And one day you will look back at your present self and feel proud that you made it.
One day you will understand the importance of this setback in your life that helped you to be who you are.

You know why bad times are important? Because you only and always learn from bad times.

Dear, when you think about ending your life remember… look at your future self standing here and looking at you. She is telling you that through your tears and defeat you are stronger. That you took that leap of faith and you made it. Look at how beautiful, happy and confident she is!

Do you want to vanish her existence by that decision to stop your heart beating?
The answer is No.

She deserves to fly and experience wild things. You deserve to try and go explore those wild things.
Oh! Honey there is so much to see, touch, feel, kiss and experience!!

Breath and Live.
Open your wings and go explore those wild things


© Fiona Crystal Apr 22, 2016 | 12:35 AM
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