Call me “Grief”

Call me “Grief”

There are things that are living,
that feel dead inside me.
There are things that are dead,
still living inside me.

And I will call you “Pain”

There are things that hurt,
Yet feel numb inside you.
There are things that never healed,
still aching inside you.

May we have a life together
In another time.
There you call me: “Home”
I call you “Peace”

Spending all our forevers, together.
I wish we could.
I know we should.
We could build a life, together.
There you will call me “Love”
I will call you “Mine”

I dream that we atleast try!

But right now,
In this moment of time…
I have named myself “Despair”
You haved named yourself “Tired”

May be we still have time
Where for you I am more that a ‘Prayer’
And for me you are more than a ‘Wish’
Or maybe in another life.

Untill then…
Call me — “Grief”
I will call you — “Pain”

And we shall call us — “Hope”


© Fiona Crystal| IG: @fionadiaries
Dec 8, 2020 12:40 AM | All rights reserved
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