Forgiveness is a process

Forgiveness is a process.

I personally don’t believe in forgiveness, I believe in accountability.
But for some people, forgiveness is an important step towards closure. Which is okay too. At the end of the day, we all look to finally make peace with our past.

And once the person – that has caused the hurt – takes genuine accountability — that is the beginning of our healing. It is then we decide if the relationship is worthy of healing too. However, keep in mind — they don‘t get to choose when we should stop bringing up the past, or how long it takes for us to finally be okay with them. Because they did NOT think of us when making those choices of consciously hurting us.

Too many times in the pursuit of closure, we end up kicking up settled specks of dust and reopening old wounds. Because that road leads us to revisit the past. So then is giving forgiveness to the person, worth hurting your own soul all over again?

“Forgiveness is a process. Yet we don’t always need to forgive, but simply make peace with our past. So we can eventually move on.”

I feel that forgiveness happens in our own unique way. We just need to allow ourselves the time. And people who caused us the pain, shouldn’t have the power to berate us for reminding them of something they did. Instead, they would be empathetic and apologetic that we are reliving the pain caused by them.

REMEMBER — They are responsible for our pain, but we are not responsible for their guilt. And if the person doesn’t respect your time to heal, that shows that the person isn’t truly sorry after all!

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