Remains Of Burnt Bridges

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Forgiveness is a process

I often wonder, how many people struggle with the fact that they continue to care for people who were the reason for immense hurt in our past; even if it is a tiny fragment of care?

And every once in a while you can still feel the ripples of the shock-wave pulsing through you, from their sucker-punch in your gut. So you know forgiveness is a closure you can’t give them or even afford for yourself. Because how can you forgive someone… when that past continues to affect your future, while their’s gets better!

There continue to be residues of emotions you want to tell them, of how it went down for you, and how hard it was to get back up, cross that bridge and move on. However, you know there is no point, nothing more than a waste of your breath. Because the people who never bothered to understand or cared about you and your emotional well being, will not bother about it now.

Yet despite everything, you can’t help but still feel reminisce of the sweet times. And against all your wishes, sometimes you long to have it back. But it is far from what you truly want: to stay as far away as possible from people like them. And you know I often wonder…do you miss the version of them from the past, or is it really the emotion that you want to live again?


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