What is the point?

What is the point of picking someone’s broken pieces, kissing their tears dry, making their heart whole…only to break it again. HARDER. CRUELER. 

…into bazillion pieces & watch it fade away into dust till there is nothing left but an empty space where their heart used to be.

What is the point of loving someone so much only to break their spine. Robbing them of everything that’s been keeping them alive?

What is the point? 

And at what cost! Will anything you would gain out of it enough, enough for you to find your piece of heaven while you walk on their ruins of hell. Which God exist that will forgive you for giving that mortal blow to their soul? NONE. Because isn’t love the most highest, purest, the powerful of all?

So, tell me…what is the point?

“As I would rather kill myself than hurt you. Because what is the point of loving someone if you break them apart and walk all over them!”


© Fiona Crystal Aug 04, 2017 | 5:01 PM
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