May You Be Brave Enough To Not Look Back

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One of the greatest pieces of wisdom I’ll give you, and myself is this:

You do whatever you want to do. Don’t settle for less than what you deserve, and you don’t deserve the bare minimum from your partner. You deserve a partner who will go above and beyond to support you, your needs, and your dreams. The person who loves you truly will know why you want to do something. No person is worth giving up on your lifelong dream for, worth giving your dignity for. No one.

The right people will build you up, not pull you down and confuse you. Leave them, because you deserve to be loved as much as you love the other person. Leave them, because you aren’t the one for them, and they shouldn’t be the one for you either. Leave them. And follow your dreams. Respect yourself, your time, and your efforts. You will eventually find the right person, and even if you don’t… at least you will be content that you stood up for yourself, and protected your self-worth.

And honey, let me tell you this: This advice that I give you, will help you move past toxic people in your life as we, those who only leech on you like parasites, but tear you apart in return. Discard them. Your value outshines anyone they’ll ever deserve and know.

Darling, may you be brave enough to not look back.

You only deserve nothing but greatness and love. Don’t settle for less. Keep moving. And let the bridge behind you burn down with all the unworthy people on it, that you leave behind.

Like a Phoenix, may you forever evolve, and rise.

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