What’s best for you…

No matter what anyone around you says, no matter what they want….remember that only you are going to end up living with the consequences of that choice, and that person – and intimately so, the possibility for the rest of your life. And sharing your life with someone, sharing intimacy with someone, and sharing vulnerability with someone requires compatibility. It’s not something that you can, you want, or should make happen with anyone!

When you will have issues later, when your soul will feel unfulfilled, and when your heart will suffer the longing because you aren’t with the one you truly wanted to, or because you never made that choice for yourself — it is going to impact your behavior and your future relationships, and how you handle future conflicts.

And when the going gets hard, your loved ones, your family, and your relatives will not be the ones to help you out. Never forget that. Only if you have an understanding and loving partner, you can both swim through high and low tides, or enjoy a calm life. Your struggles are only yours to suffer, and only your partner can support you through it emotionally and otherwise, more than anyone else. Because only your partner will know you in a way no one will ever know you.

So why are you giving up on good relationships, good partners? Why are you letting go of the one that’s ‘Your Perfect’? Or why are you giving up on finding and then choosing the one that’s best for you?

Who is best for you?

Only you can make that choice for yourself.

Life is too short to live in reality of others. We need to create our own version of reality, regardless of what others say. Everyone lives their life. We should too, our own way. Seeking comfort in those who make us feel little less chaotic.

Only you should make that choice for yourself.
No matter how much they love you and look out for you, no one and I repeat…no one can ever understand what and with whom you are truly compatible with. Don’t just listen to anyone, listen to yourself.

You go make that choice, about your life.
Because only you will live with the consequences of it. Everyone else will be busy with their own lives. Life goes on. People move on. Your family moves on. A few years down the line no one will care about the choices you made or the sacrifices you did. No one will care about who you ended up with. The only person that will live with it, is yourself.

So, do not end a good relationship, don’t let go of the good person in your life just because others close to you asked you to, or want you to. No one will ever know better than you about why the person you love is a perfect fit for you, and it’s okay if others don’t understand. Only you are supposed to know what truly fulfills your life, and who.

Make choices because you want to, ad not because others around you told you to. What’s best for you? That’s a decision only you can, and only you should truly make.

At the end one can survive with the consequences of their own choices, but will break beneath the burden of choices forced on them by others. When you are ever asked to choose, always choose yourself and what’s good for you. They’ll never know you, how you know yourself, and the one you love.

What’s best for you… is in your heart.

Only you know what’s best, only you should get the power to make that choice. Society will not suffer the consequences, only you will and only the person who is with you will. So be wise, stand your ground. Make your own sensible, emotional and rational choices. Consequences be damned! At least, they will be your choices to handle in the future. You’ll make your own bed, good or bad only the future can tell. But at least it will be your bed.

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