“Like shame, you carry your wounds everywhere.”

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Like shame, you carry
your wounds everywhere.

You lie if they ask.
You tell them — “I am okay”
In truth you are not…okay.

Hiding from the world,
You are falling into pieces.

But you are no ordinary.
You are a warrior.

Even your wounds spill
moonlight over your skin.

And when they turn to scars,
They will leave silver battle marks.

You are stronger my love.
Stronger than you think you are.

Let go of this pain.

Let go of this shame.


© Fiona Crystal • 📆 5th May, ’18 • ⌚ 06: 37 P.M. • All Rights Reserved is spontaneous. Writing is personal & emotional. Every piece is close to my heart. Coming up with new topics and compiling them takes effort & time. So help spread the word. Thank You! 😊

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