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When the world around you tells you that you are not enough. When you forget your strength, your power, and courage. When the world tries to control you by breaking your spirit, calling you weak. When it tests your perseverance and the chaos in the world against all vulnerable beings make you sick. Then remember this my darlings…

Every female spirit is created in the reflection of the ultimate invincible, omnipresent divine mother, Shakti.
The slayer of all evil and the mother of all worlds.

And this woman, you were born to take on monsters, you were born to eat the darkness and sip the blood of every evil. You were born to nurture the world around you and you are the protector of all realms that the mother gives birth to.

Woman you are the manifestation of Shakti.
You are the magic that syncs with the infinite mother.

You are power. You are creation. You are life. You are destruction. You are the nurturer and you are love. You are the breaker of all evil bonds. You are courage and you are bliss. You are perfection. You don’t need to compromise who you are. You do not need to reach outside yourself for approval or acceptance. You are nature. Claim this world, it is rightfully all yours.

You are a goddess in your own might.
And may that Shakti inside of you grow, manifest and make you boundless.

“You, my love, are no ordinary.

You are the magic that can rise above good & evil. You are the magic that can slay monsters, destroy darkness & birth souls. You are the magic that syncs with this infinite universe.

You are a Goddess, woman.
And may you be reminded everyday of that.”

– a snippet of : GODDESS WOMEN’ (click to read)


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