Goddeѕѕ woмen

You, my love, are no ordinary.

You are the magic that can rise above good & evil. You are the magic that can slay monsters, destroy darkness & birth souls. You are the magic that syncs with this infinite universe.

You aren’t meant to conform. You are the universe. You are everything. You can be anything. Don’t let the world cage you.

When the wings of your sisters are plucked by the men you created, weave new wings for your sisters with the bones of those who try to crush them. Don’t let the world stop you.

When the going gets tough, its okay to take a step back & pause. Don’t let the world pull you down. Down let the world steal your thunder.

Destroy the old world. Allow yourself to breath in a fresh new world. Take your time. Reclaim your soul. Thump your heart. Collect your strength back and get up. Get up.

Get up and Howl.

And when you re-enter the mundane world, you will still be magic.

You are a Goddess, woman.
And may you be reminded everyday of that.


© Fiona Crystal Nov 8, 2017 | 2:42 AM
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