Since Eternity

I was afraid to look into your eyes. I was afraid to care for you. I was afraid to love you. And now I am afraid to lose you. Yes I was afraid, and still I am. And when you held my hand and kissed my nose, you whispered that it will be alright; my [...]


4 ways to win my heart

4 sure ways to win my heart: Music : Send me songs that explains your feelings. Books : Dedicate quotes and lines from books to me. Equality: Believe in equal love, equal gender and never question my identity. Love : Love fellow humans, Love animals, Love the environment, Love Mother Earth. Religion does not provide [...]

I am Everything

I am sweet and sour, I am wild and serene. I am the wings of the birds, I am the roots of the trees. I am the carnations and the petunias adorning your garden, I am the wild flowers in the forest growing near a hot spring. I am the thorns of the roses, I [...]


Jan 12th 2014; 8:10 I was overwhelmed by the love & support I have received from so many people from different parts of the globe..whom I consider my extended family and my friends. I was reluctant to share a very personal part of me, a reality, my identity which is one among the many things [...]

What is the answer of Hate ?

Hate is not the answer of is. Ignorance can only be treated by getting people's facts right...scientifically and religiously......that is only possible if we have enough knowledge about them and ourselves. Arguments are not won by swearing or fighting but laying across all the right facts...about us...and them tooย  Because the hate and ignorance [...]

See you in Hell

Dear Haters,Who gave you the right to tell who should marry whom???You got NO right to interferein somebody's personal business.What are you talking about ?? BIBLE !!! OH ! AS IF YOU HAVE NEVER SINNED !!! such hypocrisy!'If', according to you, they go to hell...then i am sure...they will meet you burning down there too...How [...]