Jan 12th 2014; 8:10

I was overwhelmed by the love & support I have received from so many people from different parts of the globe..whom I consider my extended family and my friends.

I was reluctant to share a very personal part of me, a reality, my identity which is one among the many things that makes me ‘ME’. However, I am glad that I did. And everyone accepted me with open arms, open mind and love in their heart for me.

When we love someone, we don’t judge them..we accept them with their flaws and perfection, with their sanity & their crazyness. When we love someone we just love them. And these people proved that. My stars are lucky to come across such amazing people in my life..My stars are luckier because these amazing people love me back ๐Ÿ™‚

I feel a surge of pure ecastasy and peace.

I never expected such emotions when I took that important step in my life and started to write down each emotions in words :

Jan 8th 2014; 6:12 PM

I don’t know how to make it easier for the people who know me. And there is nothing ‘new’ about it unlike the title of this article.

I love my body. I am a girl and identify myself with the pronoun of the girl as well. However, my spirit is fluid. Hinduism says that our soul has no gender. Sometimes we are born as male, sometimes a female. However, we are never truly male or female. Our body is just a vessel.

Exactly like that…sometimes my spirit is female, sometimes its male. And it has always been this way ever since I was a child.

Its is just likeย I would sometimes think and feel like a woman in one situation & then I would feel and think like a man in other situations. I have always thought of me as a perfect tomboy who can transform into a perfect lady whenever I want. Some days I love makeup, other days I hate it. Some days I love dresses, sexy & seductive ; other days I love my faded jeans, canvas and shirt with the sleeves pulled up. Some days I love my long & wavy hair, the other days I want it spikey & short.
I love the crazy and rough me and the sweet and sensual me. I love the always-careful-and-sensible me. I also love the I-don’t-even-give-a-damn me.
Sometimes it is complicated, the other times its fun. I am beautiful and perfect the way I am.

This has never been too important a topic for me to ponder on. I really don’t care.
I am a free spirit…too wild to be tamed. I surpass all norms and stereotypes.
And there are other people like me who are free spirited/fluid.

I don’t put labels on myself. I am not a clothing line. I am a human.
But then label is not meant for the person but it is meant to make it easier for the people who know that person to understand things a bit better. So in that way you can call me ‘Gender Nonconformist’ย .

I love myself, I love every inch of me. I am free spirited, I can’t be framed in any particular stereotype. This is who I have always been & who I will always be.

I am a soul
And I know that people who love me will accept me the way I am.

Remember : “We are what we are exactly supposed to be. We are where we are exactly supposed to be.”

Thank you!
Fiona (A Polyamorous-Gender Nonconformist-Bisexual Human who is breaking the stereotypes.)

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