4 ways to win my heart

Princess Fiona Crystal

4 sure ways to win my heart:
Music : Send me songs that explains your feelings.
Books : Dedicate quotes and lines from books to me.
Equality: Believe in equal love, equal gender and never question my identity.
Love : Love fellow humans, Love animals, Love the environment, Love Mother Earth.


Religion does not provide a moral compass, it comes from within.
You do not have to do the right thing out of fear of hell or for the greed of heaven. You should do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.
The most accepting people are those who do not use a religious book to judge you but instead judge you on the basis of how humane you are.
Religion divides people based on beliefs but Love unites us all.
The day we will be accepting of each other is the day we will have peace on this tiny dot in the universe.


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