Mahadeva Narayana

कालस्य च हि मृत्योश्च जङ्गमस्थावरस्य च।
ईष्टे हि भगवानेकः सत्यमेतद् ब्रवीमि ते।।

Mahadeva Narayana is the universe and everything in it. He is all the particles that exist, and all the organisms that live and breathe. He is the planets and the stars, he is the galaxies and the universe that holds everything in it. Our Narayana is shapeless, limitless, genderless, timeless, and boundless. Everything that exists never dies, it simply changes form at the will of Narayana.

He is no one and everyone, nothing and everything — all at once

To understand him, we need to enlighten ourselves with the only truth — that we, a soul are made up of conscious energies of the holy feminine Prakriti (Nature) — Shakti (Energy), the mother who animates all that exists. 

Mahadev and Mahadevi are one and the same.

Narayana creates, and Mahadevi animates.

तनीयांसुं पांसुं तव चरण पङ्केरुह-भवंविरिञ्चिः
सञ्चिन्वन् विरचयति लोका-नविकलम् ।
वहत्येनं शौरिः कथमपि सहस्रेण शिरसांहरः
सङ्क्षुद्-यैनं भजति भसितोद्धूल नविधिम्॥ 2 ॥

Saundrya Lahri

Narayana creates, and Mahadevi animates. Our bodies are made up of stardust — all of which are part of him. Hence, we need to break beyond the barriers that the unenlightened society puts us in the moment we get conceived on earth. The barriers put on us in the name of gender, caste, creed, religion, etc. These barriers have been put in place by mortals so that we can stay entangled in this unenlightened world.

The act of self-realization, the courage to break away from everything that we have been conditioned to think, and be, and finally stepping into the light of enlightenment is not only our sole purpose of our existence but also the greatest test of our soul to prepare our consciousness to merge back with Mahadev. 

Narayana belongs to no one, yet everyone belongs to him. Every single thing that exists, has existed, and will exist  — is Narayana.

Remember that our soul’s purpose is to become one with him. To do that we have to unlearn everything taught to us, and rediscover, to seek enlightenment.

Only thenwe achieve moksha.  

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