Brick by Brick

Waiting in the eye of the storm,
As the storm around me grew by.
My life was dark, until I saw your eyes shine.
The world stopped spinning, and the time stood by.

Felt like home when we first exchanged hearts,
Hit me like a bus when you first broke mine.
And then came the second hit, and so on,
Everytime it destroyed me some more.

Our love was what novels and fairy tales are made of.
Our love was what people give up lifetimes for.
If you loved me, why did you hurt me?
All I needed was some happiness, someone to share my life.

Brick by brick I tried to put up the wall again.
Every day I loved you a little,
A little more every day that passed by.
Every minute my soul cut deeper, I grew insane.

I wait in the eye of the storm,
As the storm around me keeps growing bigger.
My life is dark, there is no light left to shine,
The world has stopped spinning, and the time simply stands by.

Brick by brick you once took my guard down.
Brick by brick I put up the wall back again.
Every day I pray that I forget you a little,
So I love you a little less everyday.

And I will keep loving you,
Untill one day, there is no love inside of me left to save.

♡ XOXO ♡

© Fiona Crystal 🦊 IG: @fionadiaries
Oct 30, 2018 05:40 AM | All rights reserved
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