When a man does housework, he is amazing and a catch. When a woman does it, she is just doing her duty as a woman. When a man doesn’t lift a finger around the house, that just how men are. I mean sure! he should help around a bit, but if he doesn’t then well the woman in the house is there to do the job. When a woman does it, she’s not marriage material.

A woman is asked to get married even though she can be on her own, is because she is reaching her ‘shelf life’. And no one respects a woman without there is a man by her side. A man, on the other hand, doesn’t need a woman (except of course to bear his child). A man is asked to get married because he needs someone to do his house chores and take care of his home and family, while he is out having a career. The very same career that women are asked to support, by giving up their own — for the sake of the family. It’s always the women giving up their dream careers, their dream body, their dream adventures, their own voices — EVERYTHING. Women are asked to give until there is nothing more left, and even their memories are erased. And a man’s greatest accomplishment is their ability to take, snatch, rob without permission.

We argue about whether the world is unfair for women or whether we need equal rights. But the truth is our society has double standards for women. It doesn’t allow little girls to enjoy their childhood, instead, burden them with responsibilities and boundaries which doesn’t hold down the boys. The boys are allowed to enjoy their childhood and teenage years without consequences because the act of immaturity and adventure only applies to them. While the little girls and young women are being trained to be subservient and, taught how only their sacrifices will make them worthy of respect.

The meaning of existence is different for both men and women. How society views us. What society wants from us. The sacrifices that we shouldn’t have to do, but are forced to do so in the name of duty and grace. It’s unfair. Especially more since we help birth the society, maintain the society, and carry the suffering to be able to do both. Women carry the majority of the mental, physical, psychological, and emotional burden in society, allowing men to flourish and rule society; and allowing men to rule over women too. As a matter of fact, the percentage of unpaid labor women have done, and continue to do in their homes and society, allow the society and men, to not just grow smoothly, but also make women dependent and powerless in their homes, and in the society in general. A powerless, dependent, ‘obedient’ women are easier to control and rule over. 

This should make us feel ashamed since it is our collective failure to understand and view women, and their ambitions as equally important — which has forced generations over generations of women into a vicious cycle of subservience and dependence — which in turn has proved toxic to women’ very existence.

This systemic and systematic process is the blueprint of the patriarchal society.

Why not teach the boys to be an independent man, and a helpful human who’s gonna take care of his own life, and share the responsibility instead? That way once he isn’t single anymore, he and his partner can carry their responsibilities, and fulfill their dreams and ambitions at the same time! After all, That is the meaning of true partnership

No more grand sacrifices in the name of womanhood and femininity. The physical sacrifices and struggles such as monthly menstruation cycle: the blood, the pain, the hormonal fluctuations, etc that most women go through once they hit puberty…all so their bodies are capable of carrying a new life — are already way too much.

You see…what society mistakes leadership is actually a privilege and entitlement. While the truth remains that the only true leaders are the women, who are asked to give away everything in return of being treated with a bare minimum of human dignity.

The double standards in the name of Gender roles are disgusting, forceful, and limiting of the true capabilities of women who are born leaders, healers and, are capable of great things.

As soon as all women understand this, as soon as we start teaching young girls their true power we will start our rule.
We do not need men to help us exist, it is us who help the men instead. What we need is to take what is rightfully ours without apologies, and work with everyone to make this society much better. 

To Achieve Gender Equality, we first need to achieve absolute Gender Equity. Only women empowerment can uplift women to an equal level to that of men in all aspects. Everyone together at the same level. No one more privileged than the other. That’s what makes us better than those who want to rule on us and have been…from thousands of years. 

And the first step towards that path is taking back our power without permission or validation. 


That is the only way we dismantle the Patriarchal social structure and shatter Gender norms and prerogatives. No more waiting for the world to allow us, or give us what is our basic right as a human being. Take back the society that women have birthed, and achieve the perfect equilibrium, once and for all.

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