Love is intoxicating.

It can drive you crazy yet make you feel sane at the same time.
It’s wonderful, breathtaking, and painful.
But every bit of it is worth it.
You learn so many lessons from it:
How to trust, forgiveness, patience.
How to work out problems, etc.
It makes you smile, laugh, cry, scream,
And everything else there is to do.
Some find love in the most peculiar places.
Others find it in the most obvious places.
It’s not easy, but then again…
No one said it’d be easy!

They just said it’d be worth it. 

Once you have it, never let it go.
Hold on to it and cherish it.
It could be over in a snap.

Be thankful for each experience you had with it.
Love someone today and every day.

Love has no rules.
Love sets no rules.
Love follows no rules.

It just happens!

And the feeling is like floating across space…
among bazillion particles of glowing light.
You feel helpless, light headed and enchanted.

Remember this: Love doesn’t walk away from you.
It remains within you.


Remember this: You walk away from love.

Love the people who love you.
Never take them for granted.

Don’t take life for granted.
Live it to the fullest.

Fall in love.
Enjoy life.

You only get one shot.

“It’s the most terrifying thing to love someone so fiercely. So vulnerable. But it is the most gratifying experience as well.”


Two things you should never take for granted :

  1. Life
  2. The love that makes your life worth living.


© Fiona Crystal 📆 Feb 24, 2018  07 : 44 PM ☽❍☾ 
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