It’s Not Me, It’s You.

“It’s Not Me, It’s You. And all that hate must be eating at your soul!” [….click to read the full post]


It’s not me. It’s You.

All that hate must be eating at your soul.
I wonder how shallow & meaningless your life must be if you hate people for who they fall in love with.
How sad you must be!

You live your life with blatant disregard for how your thoughts & choices would affect people around your bubble, Yet you would forcefully impose your narrow & hateful lifestyle & belief as a pathetic excuse in the name of ‘God’.
How faithless you must be!

“GOD MAKES NO MISTAKE” — so you say.

Yet you disrespect your God by picking on his own creations & children, implying my life & love as a ‘lifestyle‘. You disrespect my free-will given by the God you worship & then you take his name in vain!
How hypocrite you must be!

You let other’s private happiness affect you.
So much that you go an extra mile to strip away my freedom, while you legally enjoy yours!
How shallow you must be!

You call me an anomaly. You call my existence an aberration. But we are who we are.
That’s how we are created. That’s how you were created.


We are all souls : genderless and shapeless.
And I feel sorry that all this religion in the world,
Yet you haven’t figured that out yet.
You haven’t found God.

You are in darkness.
And the light inside my soul prays for the enlightenment in yours.

Oh! How lost you must be!!

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20 thoughts on “It’s Not Me, It’s You.

  1. You have woven your poetry with powerful words. Truly we are all souls genderless and shapeless. A light waiting to be enlightened in everyone.

  2. Wow, I am so speechless with your good writing. I like reading this is so powerful and I agree that there are a lot of hypocrite people continue worshiping God but still doing bad things to others.

  3. Short, but sweet! Well said! I agree that there are some hypocrites out there, when God’s intentions are to love anyone and everyone, regardless of who and what they are. Anyways, hate is taught, so it’s important to throw kindness like confetti, especially at such a young age. Cheers to a nicer future for everyone!

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