For how long?

“My ribs hurt from heartache,
And the poison inside me make my lungs suffocate.”

Art ©Victoria Siemer

How many more times will this pain kill me, until I am finally dead?

My ribs hurt from heartache,
And the poison inside me make my lungs suffocate.

How long till he keeps throwing punches…
inside my soul, leaving holes?

How long?

Because I can’t breathe.
I can’t live like this anymore. ♡


© Fiona Crystal April 29, 2018 | 8:03 AM
Fiona Diaries — ‘Heartbeats and Wild Things’ • All rights reserved

Art Attribute: ©Victoria Siemer @witchoria 'Let the dark in'


32 thoughts on “For how long?

  1. Don’t think about dying even if it’s hard. Life is better. I am so sorry you are in pain and I do hope it will eventually be better in time. It is important to share it with other people even if it’s online.

  2. I saw my mother-in-law pass away, she passed in front of my eyes, after being connected to a breathing machine for 6 weeks. Her lungs failed, her kidneys failed, and she was kept alive artificially. Until we decided to disconnect her. My husband couldn’t bear that decision, he asked me to do it. Your poem reminded me of this terrible moment, how long can you keep a person like this? is she suffering? for how long?. We all were thinking “for how long” but it was really up to us. It is so difficult to decide for the life of another person. I know what it feels like.

    1. I am so sorry that your family had to experience this. I am both glad and sad that you connected to this poem. More sad that you had to make that choice. Sometimes in life it really is so hard to really know ‘how long’

  3. This reminds me of deep depression that my mom talks about, the pain. It also makes me think of a bad break up that you can’t get over. So real the words are meaningful.

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