Women’s Day : Today and Everyday


“The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights” –Gloria Steinem


~To the woman who makes her home alive with her cheerfulness, naughty behavior and cuteness, teases her brother, makes her mother smile and wraps her daddy around her little fingers as a CHILD.

~To the woman who takes care of her parents,
make her parents proud by following her dreams as a DAUGHTER.

~To the woman who is protective, is possessive and loves her sibling as her own child. Fights, teaches and shares all secrets, becomes their partner in crime and adviser as a SISTER.

~To the woman who loves fearlessly and fiercely as a LOVER.

~To the woman who welcomes a new family in her life and starts loving them as her own as a DAUGHTER-IN-LAW. A woman who fits perfectly in the life of a young man, gives her unconditional love to him as a WIFE.

~To the woman who nurtures a new life growing inside her, holds her baby and forgets the great pain she endured to give birth, who gives unselfish love and compassion. Who forgets her own comfort and gives all her happiness and energy towards her child. Becomes a teacher and a best-friend as a MOTHER.

~To the woman who makes her world revolve around her grandchildren, loving them more than her own children (if that is even possible!), becomes a wise, spiritual guide, guru and epitome of wisdom as a GRANDMOTHER.

~To the woman who gives invaluable knowledge, power, energy and her everything towards the nurturing and development of civilizations and societies as a HUMAN.

~ To the woman who has the power to quickly transform from a selfless Angel with wings into a Witch on a broom stick to protect herself, her loved ones and her society.

~And most importantly to the woman who is known by different names as per her different roles and responsibilities in family and society. That people often forget her real identity as an individual. That people often forget the fact that she belongs to NO ONE. Instead, she is THE CREATOR. The world belongs to HER.

I SALUTE all such Women.
Because without you there would be no family, no men, no society, no civilization, no more humans.


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