Burn me


I don’t deserve Love
I don’t deserve trust
No, I don’t deserve pity
My fairy tale will never have a happy ending

I deserve pain…lot of pain
And pain is what I am getting
I deserve Hate..too much hate
And hate is what I am getting
I deserve death..because I can’t even meet my own eyes

But where is death?
Where is it? Why am I still alive?
Although you can barely call me as ‘alive’ except that I am still breathing, that is.
Is death disgusted by me too

Please come and take my heart beat away
Spare me of this vicious cycle of old dreams of happiness and hope
Make my shame go away
Throw me in Hell because Heaven, I don’t deserve
Kill me and let me burn
Let me burn and take my breath away

Because living like this is poison

©Fiona Crystal *All rights reserved. The Material not to be copied or distributed without permission