Ariadne, the daughter of Minos

Now you surely have heard her, the daughter of Minos.
You think you know her.
Is she not good and beautiful?
You have let yourself be enchanted.
By her words, by her pretty gaze.

But believe me…Everyone,
Whether the daughter of a king or not,
Has one foot cloaked in the shadow,
And only the other foot in light.

Ariadne : "It is all the same to me.
This bond we now tie,
Promise me you will never sever it."
Theseus : "I promise."

But when they landed on the island of Naxos, Theseus abandoned her as she slept. Thus, severing the the red string Ariadne tied between them and the promise to marry her.

Ariadne : “Nothing but darkness surrounds me.
Eternally lurking shadows.
I have not eaten in days.
My eyes are turning black.
The end is near.

Just as he one descended into the maze,
I now descent into mine.

I now stand before you.
No king’s daughter.
Not a man’s wife.
No brother’s sister.
I am a loose end in time.

So we all die alike.
No matter which house we are born into.
No matter what cloths we wear.
Whether we grace the earth briefly,
Or for a long time.

I alone tie my bonds.
Whether with my hands extended;
or with them slapped away.

We all face the same end.
Those above us have forgotten us.
They do not judge us.

In death I am all alone.
And my only judge is…me.”

In that moment of betrayal, heartbreak and grief — Ariadne echoed the thought and, the lives of countless women through past, present, and the future. Women that exist in between the light, and the shadow. Women who refuse to be defined by anyone, but themselves. Even alone, betrayed, abandoned, on her knees, howling her heart out in utter desperation and never ending loneliness — Ariadne is eternally strongest and yet tragically fragile in this world that is scared of those who are more soul than human.

Those that Gods seem to have abandoned, and yet even the demons are scared to touch.

— Fiona Crystal @fionadiaries

— Ariadne [ The daughter of Minos]
T h e    R e d   T h r e a d    O f   D e s t i n y. (Excerpt)