✏ Art by : @broken_isnt_bad | Words by @fionadiaries
Written by @fionadiaries | Art by @broken_isnt_bad
The wolf in me seeks for your animal.
It craves for your wild.
It longs for your howls.
It seeks for your passion.
My wolf wants to take a bite of you.
To sink its teeth into your flesh.
To drag its tongue across your skin.
To devour you and eat your heart.
All it wants is all of you.
Come at my knees and thump your chest.
Beg for mercy.
Scream my name.
Let my wolf’s hunger satiate.
My love, show me your true self.
Let go of all your inhibitions.
There is no shame when animals crave.
Call out yours to love mine.

Howl and become my wild.


© Fiona Crystal April 10, 2019 | 09:04 AM
Fiona Diaries — ‘Heartbeats and Wild Things’ • All rights reserved